Sun protection

“People who work outdoors in Australia receive up to 10 times more sun exposure than indoor workers, placing them at higher risk of skin damage and skin cancer. Because of this higher risk, it is recommended outdoor workers use sun protection whenever they are outside all year round”. Cancer Council.

Where the most effective sun protection is required, we recommend a garment that covers the full arm and leg area and has a sun protection rating of UPF 50+

AS / NZS Standard 4399:2017 Sun protective clothing – Evaluation and classification

All garments that comply with this standard deliver ultraviolet protection, commonly known as UPF.

This standard refers to the capacity of a fabric to protect skin against solar ultraviolet radiation (know a UPF = ultraviolet protection factor). This standard is an added bonus to the garment rather than an essential requirement for hi-visibility standards but often specified from specific industry users.

For more information on keeping safe in the workplace refer to this website:

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The information contained in this blog has been compiled and presented with all due care and attention. The reader should satisfy themselves that the information is correct by sourcing the relevant standards.

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