How can I recycle clothing?

Recycling clothes?

The first and most obvious solution is the Charity Stores

The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) will ensure that all the collected goods and proceeds are used exclusively for their welfare programs:

  • Save the Children Op Shop
  • The Salvation Army – Salvos Stores
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul – Vinnies shops
  • Smith Family

A lot of schools now have facilities where school uniforms can be recycled through the uniform shop.

There are other initiatives like Dress for Success ( and Fitted for Work (

Shoes for Planet Earth ( provide reused running shoes to those in need around the world.

Uplift Bra’s ( collects new and second-hand bras and sends them wherever needed

There are also retailers who sell worn or damaged clothing to companies that recycle clothing/textiles. This includes H&M ( and Zara (

The cats and dog’s homes are always in need of bedding and towels for animal shelters. Old towels, clothes, and bedding are also appreciated by mechanics to use as rags. But this contaminates the fabric and avoids any future textile recycling.

The more that I dig into this the more interesting it gets. I will be looking at “circular” clothing, pulling apart and shredding the cotton for reuse and separating the polyester and artificial fibres from the natural fibres. There is a huge amount of ground to cover.

So watch this space!

If you are interested in finding out more then please send me an email.

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