Why you should invest in branded work apparel?

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We all work on a limited budget. Deciding to spend money on branded work clothes is a decision that needs to be taken seriously.

So why spend the money?

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

What we wear for work speaks before we do

Our top 5 reasons how a uniform builds credibility:

  • More professional
  • Trust that you will turn up on time
  • Confirms that you keep your word and will follow through
  • Leave the place the way you found it
  • Encourages customer loyalty

This is applicable for tradies like painters, plumbers, and electricians.

A painter who is giving you a quote to paint the inside of your house and who turns up wearing stained, ripped old overalls is not giving the right impression? Wouldn’t you want a painter who takes care of their own appearance to look after your family’s property?

With increased competition all quoting for the same work, smart, clean and branded work clothes make sure that you elevate your brand and that you stand out from your competition.

As a side benefit if you are a regular networker having your own name embroidered on your polo shirt means you never have to wear a name badge again!


All part of your marketing mix

Do you have business cards and letterhead that match? Does this branding flow to your website.

Any marketing material you produce would also use the same logo, style, colours and fonts.

Your branding should then continue to your work clothes. You can have your logo and your name embroidered on the front of your shirt. You can also have your logo, tagline and phone number on the back of your shirts or hats.


From your employees’ perspective. You and your team all wearing branded work clothes makes a statement that you are all working for a common purpose.

Providing branded work clothes reduce stress for your employees. This is because they never, ever have to contemplate what to wear to work. As mundane as that may sound, every employee has probably come across this dilemma at some point in their non-uniformed jobs and have taken a substantial amount of time to think about it, possibly causing them to show up late for work!

Brandied work clothes also give your employees a sense of being part of the team and they are more likely to participate in company projects and the achievement of company goals

In fact, it gives them a reason to get up – to not let their team members down.

For a café having all your staff wearing matching aprons makes it easy for the customers to see who is here to help.


Says that you are at work

With an increase in people working from home – wearing your work polo identifies that you are at work. This works like a “do not disturb” sign!

When you are wearing work clothes you are in your work mind-set. This indicates that  you are at work with things to do, places to go and people to meet

At the end of the day when you finish work changing out of your work clothes and into casual wear such as your track pants and t-shirts – this gets you out of work mindset into a home mindset which is casual, relaxed and focused on spending time with the family.


The quality of what you wear

The materials and finish of your work clothes reflect on what you want to say about your business. Quality embroidery provides a long-lasting and “classy” look.

If you sell high-end quality cars would you do that in a daggy old t-shirt and cut off denim shorts? Probably not.

If you work in contracting splitting your time between client meetings and talking to the team on-site, then you need clothes for each occasion. Maybe a suit and tie for the client meetings and jeans and a branded polo shirt for on-site.


Security for your customers.

Identification for you and your business.

If you work with the public arriving at the customer’s house with your logo and name proudly embroidered on your work shirts reassures your customer that you are the tradie that they were expecting.  It gives the customer a sense of security and safety.

It may be your policy that your employees announce who they are and which company they represent when they first arrive at a customer’s house. Having embroidered and branded work shirts reinforces this message and is an added layer of security for customers.


Health and safety

Uniforms are not all about aesthetics. Some uniforms are designed specifically to provide protection against the hazards that come with the job at hand. Providing employees with these specialized uniforms ensures that the quality of protection meets the standards set by your industry.

Also, in businesses where hygiene is a high priority, it is important to provide employees with workwear they can use exclusively at work that will be professionally and hygienically laundered.

Next Step

For more information contact us, with “Brand my workwear” in the subject line.

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