Which is better: embroidery or digital printing for workwear branding?

Embroidery or digital?

Is it time to update your business workwear wardrobe and you are trying to choose between embroidery or digital printing for your branding?

You want to make sure that your workwear looks great, lasts and represents your business well – so here is some information to help you make the right choice before investing in new branded workwear.

Let’s talk about the difference between embroidery and digital printing…

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is when a needle and thread are used to create or reproduce a design, for example a business logo, and ‘embroider’ it onto fabric. 

This creates an almost 3D appearance that is soft to the touch and very popular for adding a quilty, long-lasting brand to clothing such as hats, jackets, t-shirts, polos and more. 

What types of clothing and fabrics are best for embroidery?

  • New, clean, dry and untreated fabrics
  • Cotton, polyester and poly / cotton mix
  • Lycra, viscose and spandex can be embroidered but require special care and treatment.
  • Clothing from suppliers specifically made to be embroidered

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is when printers use proprietary technology to digitally print an image onto a transfer which is then heat-applied to a garment. This is a faster method than embroidery, and is often used for mass-producing items such as tote bags and t-shirts or for branding that requires bright colors and super-fine detail. 

We use Supacolour for our digital printing – their top-of-the-range transfers allow for brighter, longer-lasting results. This printing method can be used on almost any type of garment or material. 

How do you know if your logo/brand is best suited for embroidery or digital printing?

Hopefully, this has helped you understand the advantages and options for each branding method – so now it’s time to choose what is best for your own workwear branding requirements…

Choose Digital Printing if you:

  • Have branding with ultra-fine details, lines and colours
  • Have a very large logo or image 
  • Have smaller or fine lettering 
  • Need bright, vibrant colours
  • Want to print graphic images to photographic quality 

Choose Embroidery if you:

  • Need a long-lasting, durable result
  • Have a less complex, cleaner logo or brand
  • Like the 3D look
  • Want a brand that won’t fade with washing

We believe that all businesses care about quality and want to spend their money on workwear branding that will last as long as the fabric it is printed on, so that is why we offer embroidery services along with digital printing to make sure we always have the right solution for every logo and brand.

We carefully check your logos and brands to make sure we recommend the right branding solution for you, so if you aren’t sure which one is right for you – just get in touch! 

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