Tips and guidelines

Size and detail

The first thing to consider is that the garment being embroidered has to be able to be hooped.
This means that we may not be able to embroider a detailed design in a very small space.

Left chest and right chest

The size of the design should not exceed 11cm wide to prevent it from sliding under the armpit!
The height should not exceed 9cm for best appearance

Full back

Size should not exceed 25cm high x 25cm wide for the best results.
Note: With a jacket back ideally the lining should be removed before the embroidery and replaced after the embroidery is completed.
Obviously, this adds to the cost of the job so may or may not be desirable.

Short shirt sleeve

Size should not exceed 8cm wide for best results

Shirt cuffs

Size should not exceed 8cm wide for best results

Embroidery on hats

For the front of a hat, the size should be within 15cm wide x 5 cm high.
Embroidery for the sides and back are available – please check with us before ordering.


Monogramming is available – please check with us to confirm the item to be monogrammed.
Monogramming different sized towels require a very different approach compared to monogramming a dressing gown.


Please note that embroidery has a back and a front.
The front is the face of the artwork and should look beautiful.
The back will show the stabiliser and the back of the stitch work.
If in doubt please ask as we always have samples available to show you.

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