Capability statement

One of the questions that I am asked is what embroidery machines do I have?

My main workhorse is a Barudan 15 needle single head machine.  This is a commercial grade machine capable of working 24 hours a day.

The plan to is to purchase a 2nd similar machine later 2019 / early 2020.

I also run a Brother VE2200 domestic machine for the smaller more decorative orders.

In addition to the 2 embroidery machines, I own 3 sewing machines and a heat press.

These allow me to specialise in the smaller orders up to around 50 pieces per run. I do run larger orders for clients but these are based on a phased delivery.

I hold about 34 samples shirts (mainly polo shirts and formal shirts) plus another 20 hats (baseball, truckers, beanies, bucket and sun hats)

My preference is to supply and embroider however, I will embroider only on client-supplied stock subject to a damage waiver. If the products are freely available then there is no damage waiver. If the product is an expensive more unique item then the waiver will apply.

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