7 Steps To Choosing & Ordering Your Branded Workwear

Do you need to start buying branded workwear for your business but aren’t sure where to start or what the process looks like?

Branded workwear is basically a must-have for businesses that want their staff to look smart and professional while creating brand awareness during every moment of the workday… including lunch breaks!

In this blog, we are going to explain the process step by step, helping you understand what options are available, what to look for in a supplier and what you’ll need to have organised to make an order.

Step 1. “Do I need embroidered workwear?” 

Maybe up until now you have used badges or name tags but have realised that they aren’t as visible, don’t have the professional, tailored look you are after – and also may be damaging your clothes at work!

Once you’ve realised a need to upgrade your look and provide more professional clothing to your staff, it’s time to figure out what this ‘new look’ will look like. 

Step 2. What do you actually need? 

Before ordering the first branded option you find, it’s important to take stock of what look you want, but also the use/s that are going to be required for your staff, industry, and location/season. 

Do you need workwear that is hard-wearing and suitable for the rough and tumble of day-to-day wear or something with a more corporate, bespoke look?

Here are some examples of workwear options: 

  • Hi-Vis shirts and pants shorts: worn when doing physical work and which are probably going to get sweaty and dirty. 
  • Tee shirts: maybe just for employees who do more physical work and need movement. 
  • Polo shirts: a more casual look – for general office wear and networking events  
  • Aprons: for catering or hospitality – designed to withstand dirt and grime. 
  • Scrubs: for medical industries – easily washable.  
  • Fleece tops: For employees on the go/working outside to keep warm during the colder months.  
  • Softshell jackets: Better wind and weather protection while not as important if they get dirty.

Make a list of everything you’ll need for your staff/seasons and requirements since it may help to make a complete order – rather than bit by bit. 

We offer discounts for larger orders so you can have a consistent look and better price by ordering all at once!

Step 3. Choose your Supplier.

While larger suppliers of branded workwear may seem like they can give a better price – they may not match boutique suppliers when it comes to service, attention to detail, and the ability to build a relationship in the long term.

It’s also important to check if they offer smaller orders or more custom/tailored options to help you in the long term; staff come and go, you may need something quickly for an event or have custom needs. Will a big supplier be agile and care enough to help?

At Embriodermark, we specialise in small businesses so we are interested in building relationships, helping our clients problem-solve, make the right choices, and are happy to do smaller orders and fast turnarounds for our regular clients.  

You also deal personally with Mark for every order – so you are never left on hold or passed around to someone who doesn’t understand your business and what you need.

We think a good supplier shouldn’t just compete on price, but also on service, value, and quality.

Step 4. Finding the right price. 

Workwear is an investment, but like any business decision, price is always a factor.

We offer free quotes so you can understand what you are looking at and what you need to budget for when it comes to your workwear order.

Another thing to consider when choosing a supplier is the ongoing rates and terms they offer. Staying with one supplier for ongoing orders can get you better terms – like discounts on larger orders, faster turn-around times if they keep your requirements on file, repeat order discounts, free delivery, etc.  

While getting your quotes, ask the supplier if they value ongoing business and offer any of the above perks as well!

Step 5. Getting the job done.  

So you’ve chosen your supplier and are ready to make your order – here is what the supplier will need from you to get you the best result and what they will do to get the job done.

  • Your supplier will require your logo and any wording for the branding in a suitable format. This may be:  jpeg; tif; gif; pcx; jpg; cdr; cpt; ai; eps; pdf; wmf; pct; pict or bmp. The generally accepted format is a jpg file.  
  • Next, they will digitise the artwork and lettering. This converts the design into  “language” that the embroidery machine can read. You should ask for a PDF copy of the digitised design for approval before anything is printed or embroidered.  
  • Your supplier will also need to confirm the thread colours that you require. You will need to provide your brand style guide that details the Pantone colours or CMYK details for your logo – or check with your logo designer.  
  • Once the design is digitised and the threads are selected, ask for a stitched-out sample. This can be sent to you as a photo for your approval so you can see what it will look like ‘in real life’.  
  • Once everything is approved, then your supplier can proceed with the final embroidery.

Read our blog here if you aren’t sure whether you need embroidery or digital printing for your workwear.  

Step 6. Delivery and payment. 

Always check the supplier’s delivery times or advise them of any deadlines to make sure you get your workwear when you need it.

After your order is delivered, there should not be any surprises when you open the box. If the supplier has received the right colours and files and properly digitised and tested them out by embroidering a sample first, what you receive should be exactly what you expected.  

Along with following all the above steps, we also check every item personally before it is sent out to make sure that no tech or human error has occurred and the end result is high quality and looks great!

Step 7. Rinse and repeat! 

As your business grows and your staff and needs change, you will need to make more orders in the future – with a good supplier, this should only get easier and easier!

A professional supplier will keep detailed records of your branding elements, along with what you have ordered in the past so repeat orders should be a breeze.  

Ready to place your workwear order or want to get a free quote from us?

Just get in touch with Mark at mark@embroidermark.com.au or fill out our contact form here.

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